Good time to visit Minoru Lakes Park!

I helped out my mother with grocery shopping today in Richmond center. Before that we walked around the Minoru Lakes Park. It was very beautiful with the blossoming flowers and the colors! It was a very nice walk!

White Magnolia flowers.

Colorful hyacinths
Colorful hyacinths.

Reflection of the trees.

Minoru Lakes Park
Framing my shot.

Sleeping American Wigeon (Anas americana)
Sleepy American Wigeon.

Minoru Lakes Park
Many wigeons and Mallards and Canada Geese around.

Female Common Merganser (Mergus merganser)
As well as this lonely female Common Merganser.

Star in the middle
I was trying to photograph through the branches and flowers to capture the sun. The sun rays turned out to be a 6-pointed star!

Minoru Lakes Park
Another nice view in the park.

After walking around the park, we wanted to go check out the blossoms outside the Richmond ice rink. Even though the flowers are in full blossom, the O-Zone fences are still up which made photographing difficult and unpleasant. Ugh. We then walked to Lansdowne Centre to buy me a CompactFlash card for my arriving Olympus E-620 (which according to Purolator, left its sorting centre in Toronto on Thursday evening) and we had lunch there. We then went to Richmond Public Market to buy our (almost) weekly vegetables and fruits.

In the late afternoon, I biked to the dyke by myself. Maybe because I was tired from all the walking and picture-taking in the morning or maybe because there were just too many people at the dyke, there just wasn't too much photographic opportunities for me to take. So I simply enjoyed my bike ride.

But I did observed the following:
- A Bald Eagle perched on a tree in the middle of the golf course.
- A Northern Flicker calling loudly, but when I got underneath it, it flew away to the field.
- Snow Geese are still around, although maybe not for long.
- Terra Nova slough getting kind of yucky.

American Robin (Turdus migratorius)
One of the three birds that I photographed today. The other two were towhee and geese.


According to the forecast, rain and flurries are coming. Boo!

365 days ago (2009-03-06) ... driving lesson, bittern, muskrat, and coyotes.

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