Fauna/flora surveying in Gatineau Park (2014)

Today, I helped out with a long-term project studying the phenological patterns of fauna (i.e., pollinators) and flora at Gatineau Park.  It was my second time visiting the park so I was very excited to be here again.

The project involves three main components: surveying flora, collecting bees,


Signs of Spring - native flowering plants and bees

After yesterday's post about the emerging plants seen last Monday at McCarthy Woods, I decided to go there after school today (and before I mailed my tax forms) to see if the plants started flowering yet.  And indeed they were (but in very small numbers)! 

The first thing that caught my attention was a wild Nomada bee (as oppose to the honey bees observed more than two weeks ago) with yellow pollen on its body!


Snowy Owl (still) in Ottawa

Got some photos to share from last Monday and today.  Last Monday, I went out for a stroll at McCarthy Woods near where I live.

All the snow are gone, but nothing flowering yet.


Bird-watching at Sawmill Creek Constructed Wetland

I was debating where to spend some time outside this long weekend, especially because the public transit schedule is different every single day.  Looking at eBird, I realized there was a bird-watching spot very close to where I live called Sawmill Creek Constructed Wetland, so I searched for instructions on how to get there this morning and walked there right after.

The main purposes of this man-made wetland are to collect run-off water and de-silt the water before it flows into Sawmill Creek.


Visiting Canadian Museum of Nature's Natural Heritage Campus

For a part of my PhD research, I will visit several herbariums and examine specimens in the genus Mertensia spp.  I will be studying at the relationship between morphological (reproductive and vegetative) and phenological (timing of flowering) traits in genus Mertensia.  Today, I took the bus to Canadian Museum of Nature's Natural Heritage Campus in Gatineau and spent most of the day looking at herbarium specimens.

The collection room.


Dominion Arboretum, Ottawa

I traveled to the (Dominion) Arboretum this afternoon to see what the recent warm Spring weather has brought to us in terms of wild fauna and flora.  It was my first time traveling by O-Train and to the Arboretum, and I must say I am quite impressed by train, especially since it only took me about 25 minutes from where I live to the Arboretum.

Map of the Arboretum


Macoun Marsh in Beechwood Cemetery

Today's weather is really nice - sunny and not too cold.  The Ottawa Field-Naturalists' Club had a birding event at Mud Lake this morning at 8 AM, but it was too far and too early for me to go on a Sunday morning.  I instead went to Macoun Marsh, a part of the Beechwood Cemetery.

The marsh is located at the southeast corner of the cemetery.


Rideau Canal & House Centipede

I took the long way to the bus stop again this afternoon.

Ice and snow are slowly melting here in Ottawa.
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