More Blossoms in Steveston

I drove my mother to Steveston to return some library books and buy some groceries.

After borrowing the books, we walked around the library and the Steveston Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre to check out the blossoms.

Steveston Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre

Busy Bee in Blossoming Flowers
A busy bee enjoying the blossoms.

After finish buying the groceries, we drove to Garry Point Park to walk around and enjoy the salty air.

Wind Waves - becoming a must-photograph attraction everytime.

Gone Fishing
A family enjoying the beach.

Air traffic was quite busy today.

My mother directed me through the neighborhood in less-busy streets during the after-school hours. We kind of got lost, we eventually we got home. Along the way, we passed through a few streets with more beautiful blossoms.

More Blossoms

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