Collection of assorted photos in November

November had been extremely slow, photography and blogging-wise due to the combination of poor weather, thesis writing, and uninteresting things to blog about.

Here are some photos taken in the second half of November.

Found a bird nest on the ground on the 14th when the weather was nice and I walked from where I live to school (takes about 1 hour).

Reminiscing June 28th in Ivvavik

After surveying one of my study sites of Moss campions (Silene acaulis), my field assistant and I hiked past the southernmost part of the park (that I had been to).

Ivvavik landscape dotted with purple vetches
During the most productive part of the year, this landscape was covered with purple Northern sweet vetch (Hedysarum alpinum) plants.  Therefore, the land was alive with various pollinators visiting the flowers - sulphurs, whites, bumblebees, etc.  Hard to imagine Arctic full with so much life, for most people.


Reminiscing July 10th in Ivvavik

Once we learned that we will be leaving Ivvavik on July 16th, my field assistant and I decided to take a day off on July 10th and go on a hike north along the Firth River and go to places that we had not yet traveled to and see what kind of plants, animals, and whatever Ivvavik has to offer us on that day (and also see if we can find spots to cross the Firth River, or so my field assistant imagined).

Firth River, Ivvavik National Park
This is a nice fishing/painting spot called "Pole Cache Spot" because there is an Inuvialuit pole cache just close by.


North American Porcupine (Erethizon dorsatum)

I saw a Porcupine dozing off in the sun behind the school building on Saturday (Nov 17).  It was on a tree while I was standing on a hill close to it, but it was still at least 10 m away from me.

Sleeping Porcupine
So peaceful-looking.

Waking up.


Sunday Collage

Some photos taken on the drumlin this afternoon before I went to my office and did work.  Nothing overly exciting.  Saw a Pileated Woodpecker but missed the opportunity of taking its photo.


Biked to Lakefield on Sunday and now I am sick

The weather last Sunday was quite nice but it was definitely colder than the last time I biked to school.  I decided to bike to Lakefield Sewage Lagoon to do some bird-watching.  I saw many Ringed-billed Gulls, Buffleheads, Common Goldeneyes, Lesser Scaups, Chipping Sparrows, and maybe some Goldfinches.

However, by the time I returned from the lagoon and came back to my office, I immediately know I caught a cold because of a sore throat.  Three days after, here I am sick as a dog.  Hope it passes soon.

Here are some photos from the trip.  The photos are pretty self-explanatory and I am too sick to describe each of them.

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