Nunaluk Spit, northernmost point of mainland Yukon

Two days ago, the inner tube of the back bike tire completely blew out when I was on my way to the trail.

 While walking back home with the broken bike, I manged to get a few photos of a bumblebee visiting someone's Moonflowers.

I bought a replacement this morning.  Hopefully I will be back biking tomorrow.  But for now, here's what happened on one of the days during my field season.

On June 23, 2012, I had the rare opportunity to travel to the northernmost point of mainland Yukon called Nunaluk Spit, it is basically a gravel bar that extended along the coast and the Beaufort Sea.

Vilhjalmur Stefansson's Cabin
On the spit is a cabin built by the descendants of the famous Arctic explorer, Vilhjalmur Stefansson.


Driving around Richmond

After dropping my father off at work, my mother and I went to Iona Beach to do some bird-watching.  Besides the swallows flying back and forth over the pond, it was a pretty quiet day, bird-wise.

A couple of Mallards on the water, including this female duck and her six ducklings.


Back to biking in Richmond again

I patched up another puncture in my bike tire today so that I can finally go out and get some exercise.

My first stop was Garden City Community Garden.



After-dinner stroll around home

While my mother was preparing dinner, she found two snails in the yam leaves.  She passed them on to me to take some photos before releasing them.


Revisiting Paulik Park, Richmond

I arrived back in Richmond three days ago, and I have been just relaxing and not doing much outdoor stuff.  Today, after doing some errands for my parents, I drove my mother to Paulik Park to look for some wildlife.  I don't think I have been to this park during any of the summers, so I was surprised to see all the beautiful flowers and pollinators and hummingbirds that were hanging around the garden.

Paulik Park
Almost like a secret garden.


Last few days in Inuvik

I flew out of Inuvik this afternoon and am currently in Edmonton, where I will be spending a night before flying back to BC tomorrow afternoon.  The past few days in Inuvik had been more fulfilling than expected.

2012/7/17 (Tuesday)

After dropping off some field equipment at Parks Canada office, I was rushing back and forth between the transient housing and the cafe (with internet connection) to change all of my flights.  In the afternoon, I visited the Great Northern Arts Festival.

Beautiful but expensive carvings by the artist John Sabourin.


Back to civilization

Hi all.  I finally arrived at Ivvavik National Park on the 29th of May.  I was suppose to stay in the park until the 10th of August.  Unfortunately, due to poor management from Parks Canada office, my field season was cut short and I came back to Inuvik yesterday.  My field season was completed, but it's a rushed bittersweet moment to leave the park.  I will have many photos and stories to share in the near future.  Until then, take care.
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