Dall sheep of Ivvavik National Park

In an area as remote as Ivvavik National Park, encounters with wildlife are not unexpected and always provide memorable experiences, even if they are observed everyday, such as the common Dall sheep that are always trampling through our campsite to lick the grey water tarp or knocking over the barbeque to chew on the mop head. Disgusting, I know, and I have no idea why they are attracted to bleach, detergent and toothpaste. Nonetheless, they are quite beautiful animals to admire.

Dall Sheep (Ovis dalli)

Hard Rock Cafe, Ivvavik National Park

Hi all. I have been trying to keep busy here in Inuvik with data entry and data compilation. Thank goodness there was the Great Northern Arts Festival happening this past week to keep thing interesting. My colleagues and I will be heading on a short road trip to Whitehorse this coming week just before my flight back home to B.C. Can't wait.

On June 17, a volunteer and I were able to fly to a place close to the coast of the park (called Hard Rock Cafe) with other researchers (working on a different project) to search for soapberry plants.

Here are some photos from the helicopter ride.

Firth River


Random photos of life in the field

Some random photos from the field season.

Soapberry counting
A volunteer counting soapberry fruits

Inspiration Point of Ivvavik National Park

Inspiration Point is one of the three popular hiking destinations around Sheep Creek campsite. It is a ridge that allows hikers to marvel the bends of Firth River and the mountains.

My first time going there was on June 1, a snowy day and made me feel like an explorer conquering a mountain while battling a blizzard.

Hiking on a snow day


More photos to and in INP

More photos from my trip to and in Ivvavik National Park.

On the way to the park, crossing the Mackenzie Delta while there was still snow on the ground.

Mackenzie Delta


Back to civilization

I am back to civilization (since Tuesday evening)! Field season ended earlier than expected this summer so I am back from Ivvavik National Park, Yukon after 52 days in the field. I am currently in Inuvik and probably won't be back to BC until beginning of next month.

Ivvavik is beautiful and I look forward to coming back next summer. Here are some of my photos so far.

Views from the (Sheep Creek) campsite.

View from Sheep Creek Campsite
The beautiful landscape that I get to see every morning.
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