Rideau Canal in January & Alan the cat

Rideau Canal is perhaps the most convenient/interesting place for me to photograph because it is so close to the university.  Here are the photos I took along the canal this month.



Mudpuppying Night - 2015

This evening, I went to my second Mudpuppy Night in Oxford Mills with another grad student in the department.  I described the event quite extensively in my first visit, so you can refresh your memory in my first blog post about the event.

Dr. Fred Scheuler wandering away from the shore and counting the mudpuppies found towards the middle of the creek.


2015 Winter Celebration at Rideau Hall

The one-day Winter Celebration at Rideau Hall is to celebrate winter traditions, sports, and foods from various Nordic countries and Inuit groups.  I heard about this event last year and have yet visited Rideau Hall since I moved to Ottawa, so I thought today is a great opportunity to do both things.

Entrance sign.


Wrapping up 2014

After the school semester ended in mid-December, I continue to stay in Ottawa to work on my research, as well as taking care of Mertensia seeds and bumble bees for myself and others in the lab, and helping another graduate student with her project on spiny lizards.  I did the same things even in Christmas and felt I needed to get out of Ottawa and take a break.  Thankfully, a friend from Trent kindly invited me back to Peterborough for a few days and I had a great time there (I just returned from there this afternoon).

Half Moon
I bought a tripod this Boxing Day and will use it to stabilize my moon and macro photos in the future.
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