Nothing to do with the movie/novel, just the twilight for the past two days. I usually work late in my office and when I look out the window around 4:30-PM, the sunset is already setting and so I go outside for a much needed break and take some photos of the sky while I am at it.




Walking along Jackson Creek

This semester ends in about three weeks, but there are still so many things need to be done!

An outing once a week will help me clear my mind a bit, I hope. This afternoon, I went to Jackson Park and walked next to the creek in the Red pine forest.


Goldenrod Sunset

For one of my classes tomorrow, I have to present my thesis project to other graduate students. I went to the field behind the DNA building to practice my presentation out loud. While there, I also took these photos.

Peterborough Lift Lock and Sunset watching from Ashburnham Memorial Park

As titled...

Peterborough Lift Lock


Shrike behind building

Just before lunch today, the fire alarm went off in the building and everybody was evacuated. I decided to go to the gravel hill behind building. I sat on the hill for a while thinking about stuff, and when I was about to leave, a bird flew from one of the trees and landed nearby. I only had my kit lens and I did the best I can with what I got, but the bird did not seem too typical. Looking closer, I realize it was a shrike - what species, I can't tell for sure. But from the bottom left photo, it looks like a juvenile.

Definitely the most exciting part of the day!



Not something I usually post, but I recently came across this video that I thought was pretty spectacular. Nature never ceases to impress me.

Plus, murmuration is a cool word.

Murmuration from Sophie Windsor Clive on Vimeo.


Early sunset

Daylight-saving took effect today. The sun set around 6PM yesterday and 5PM today. It was a weird experience to watch the sunset for two consecutive days and they are one hour apart. I guess this is what happens when you live your life according to clocks.

Biked to Little Lake again before I went to do a quick grocery run for the week.

Duck on Little Lake

Ganaraska Forest & Biked to Lakefield sewage lagoon

Another busy week gone by without any free time to take any photos or find anything interesting enough to blog about. Well, I tried Red Lobster for the first time yesterday, it was salty but I definitely had a good time.

This morning, I helped a lab-mate with her research project in Ganaraska Forest. It is a very nice forest - quiet and peaceful. I'd imagine it is livelier in the summer with all the birds and people, but I think I enjoy this time of the year more.
A small part of the forest.
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