Visiting Minoru Park

In the morning, I drove my mother to the Brighouse (Main) Library to return and borrow some books. Afterwards, we walked to Minoru Park to see the blossoms.

In addition to the cherry blossoms, there are several plants flowering too.

Unknown Yellow Flowers
Unknown yellow flowers.

End of Focus

Hearing this Downy Woodpecker calling out on the top of the tree.

One of the many rabbits found in Minoru Park. This is one of the older-looking rabbits.

Blossoms of different colours.

Blossom Flower Close-Up

Minoru Chapel Under Blossom
Fallen blossom petals.

Sakura Trees
View from the other side. Similar photos as last year's, although blossom seems to be late this year (last year the flowers were already falling on March 26th).

Unidentified Dronefly (Eristalis spp.)
My mother pointed out this stationary fly while I was photographing the blossoms. I think this may be a Dronefly, but I am not certain at all. Hopefully, someone will know it better on BugGuide.

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