Bird- and blossom-watching in Steveston.

In the afternoon, I drove my mother to Steveston to buy groceries. We went there via Dyke Road to see some wildlife along the way.

Common Mergansers resting on a floating log.

Bald Eagle gliding above London's Landing.

A female Bufflehead swimming away from me.

Flock of European Starlings.

A couple of Yellowlegs on the other side of Fraser River.

After shopping, we went to Garry Point Park to see the full cherry blossoms. We imagine it will be gone pretty soon.

A crow's nest among the flowers. We saw a crow in it for a few seconds, so it might be in use. What a beautiful location! Although it is a bit low.

I am probably complaining too much but I wish the trash cans aren't so near the blossoms.

It is hard to get a blossom shot without people, trash cans, fences, signs, buildings, cars, and so on.

I imagine this piece of art will not be homed in Richmond in the future.

It was pretty windy but I managed to get a few relatively sharp close-up photos of the flowers.



Red Currant flowers (Ribes rubrum)
And Red Currant (Ribes rubrum) flowers

Rain tomorrow, I think.

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