B's of the day: blossom, bumblebee, and bittern

A much nicer day compared to yesterday. Is spring break going on right now or something? I am out of school for so long that it such a surprise to see so many kids outside during school hours.
Sunny day.

Blossom again Blue Sky. It is still windy today, so it is difficult to take photos of individual flowers without them swaying.

Then I went to return my library books at Steveston, followed by biking towards the West Dyke Trail. In the ditch, one spot was full of turtle basking in the sun.

I am pretty sure all of them are ex-pets.

Skywatching from the dyke.

Yellow branches against blue sky.

Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias)
A Great Blue Heron paying no attention to me across the ditch.

Focus Softly
In the Terra Nova Sharing Garden, the honey bees continues to fly to the plant and forage from it. I finally learn that this is a Heather plant. Happy.

I also saw a bumble bee, but it flew away before I could get a good look at it. However, I spotted this bumble bee afterwards, but it was not the usual yellow bumble bee, as this has an orange/red end.

Dorsal view.

It was walking around on the ground before sticking its head downward and began...resting?

A spider encountering this resting bumble bee and wasn't sure what to do with it. I decided to intervene and shooed the spider away, which also woke up the bee.

Tricolored Bumble Bee (Bombus ternarius)
It scurries to another spot and went back to resting. I believe this is a Tricolored Bumblee Bee (Bombus ternarius). According to my field guide, the colours of the abdominal segements (1 to 6) are: yellow, red, red, yellow, black, and black. I wish I got a better look at its butt to confirm if it's black or not.

After spending quite a while photographing the bees and checking out this bumble bee, I decided to quickly bike around the slough and head on home.

At the same location where my mother and I saw the bittern yesterday, an individual was in the field walking in the recently flooded marsh. It wasn't too far away from the trail and so I was able to get these pretty close photos (against the sun).

American Bittern (Botaurus lentiginosus)

American Bittern (Botaurus lentiginosus)
Nice to see you again!

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