Lunch and Blossom Watching at Downtown Vancouver

Here're something different today. I had lunch with a couple of my old university friends at downtown Vancouver. Afterwards, I went to my old workplace and say hi to everybody.

Hanging Blossom
Searching for blossoms in downtown, but most of them seem to be at the end of their flowering period.

This one is quite gorgeous, although it's only a single tree outside an apartment.

In the building next door, a cat on the first floor was looking at what I am doing.

Lunch was at a Malaysian & Thai Cuisine restaurant called Tropike. This above dish is called Gado Gado - a bean sprout salad with fried tofu, potatoes, eggs and peanut sauce. It's a nice healthy dish.

Pad Thai

Stir-Fried Radish Cake
The most delicious dish was probably the Stir-Fried Radish Cake. It's not the same as the traditional Chinese square cakes, but instead stir-fried with shrimp and sausage.

After lunch and dropping by to say hi (and bye) to everyone, I headed to Robson SkyTrain Station to see if the blossoms are still flowering and instead they are.

Lone Blossom Tree
Only one tree surrounded by pigeons.

The most beautiful is probably this short path, but it's hard to get a good photograph without pedestrians.

Walking Underneath Full Blossom

There were a few Bushtits flying around, but I didn't bring my birding lens, so this was the only shot I got. Plus the sun was playing hide-and-seek with the clouds the whole time.

One last shot, without any people.

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