Busy day, little done & Raynox 250 test photos

This is what I did today:

4:15 am - Went to the airport with my father (where he works and when his shifts begin).
4:30 am - Drove the car back and headed back to bed.
9:15 am - Woke up.
9:45 am - Went to the airport to pick up an acquaintance from Taiwan who received a working visa and will be looking for work here.
10:45 am - Acquaintance arrived and drove her to Burnaby where she found housing.
12:00 pm - Drove back to Richmond and had lunch at Richmond Public Market and bought groceries there.
2:00 pm - Arrived back home and dead tired.

My acquaintance brought me my new photography toy - Raynox Microscopic Lens DCR-250. An addition that I have been looking for quite a while to improve my macro photography.

It's not exactly a lens, but an addition in front of the lens that magnifies the image captured. To my best of knowledge.

Here are some test photos that I took with the lenses that I own.
Top: 14-42mm lens (left - w/o Raynox 250; right - w/ Raynox 250).
Middle: 40-150mm lens (left - w/o Raynox 250; right - w/ Raynox 250).
Bottom: 70-300mm lens (left - w/o Raynox 250; right - w/ Raynox 250).
The photos were taken at the maximum focal length (42, 150, and 300).
The bottom left photo has a known magnification of 1:2 with my 70-300 (which I use now).

Taking photos with my 70-300 lens and Raynox 250 is incredibly difficult because of the high ISO needed and the shallow depth of field, but the detail is amazing - something that I couldn't even see with my own naked eye. This photo is taken with the flash on. But like what other users recommend, I think I will use the Raynox with the 40-150 lens.

That's all I did this afternoon, as well as figuring out how to register for Trent University. I will be going to bed very early tonight.


Anonymous said...

The plastic spring-loaded clip is the adapter for putting on most cameras, and the Raynox is the 43mm lens inside. You can put in on some compact digicams, which gives you more depth of field than with SLRsand less distortion than you get with the macro mode on compacts. Need additional (inexpensive) adapter rings--see Lensmate.


Tim said...

I'm trying to find out more info about this adapter, but it's a bit confusing. The official page says it accomodates 52-67mm filter size, but in bold text right below it, it claims 49mm. Then, when searching ebay for it, there seem to be different products catering to different camera manufacturers. That can't be right, if this really is just a lens-mounted attachment.

PSYL said...

Thanks, Claude, for the more detailed information.

Tim, there are two components to this whole product - an adapter and the lens itself. The lens' size is 49mm. The adapter (which allows the lens to screw onto) allows for the whole thing to attach to the front of regular DSLR lens (which varies in sizes). It doesn't matter which camera brand you use, because the adapter is basically a pinch-clip (sort of like your lens cap). If you click on the link to the official Raynox site, you should see a small diagram of the product and some more information. This is the brand I know about, but I am certain there are other close-up lens (for specific brands) as well. Hope this helps.

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