Insects at South Dyke Sharing Farm

Another nice day today to head out and check out what critters I can find over at South Dyke Community Garden/Sharing Farm.

Sky-watching from the garden.

Winter Crane Fly (Trichocera spp.)
First insect I spotted. A Giant Western Crane Fly (Holorusia hespera), I think, according to my field guide.

European Paper Wasp that I chased around for quite a while. It wasn't doing much of anything - except for trying to find a spot on the ground where it can enjoy the sun in peace, while avoiding me following it around.

Unknown Fly
One of the commonly seen flies, perhaps a House Fly (Musca domestica).

Found this honey bee-like bee in the dandelion, in terms of a striped abdomen, but it was too small to be a honey bee. Maybe a Sweat Bee (Family Halictidae).

Then I found several individuals of the following species, a large-sized hover fly about the size of honey bee. Family Syrphidae is my best ID.

Unknown Large Hoverfly (Family Syrphidae)

Unknown Large Hoverfly (Family Syrphidae)

Unknown Fly
Another hover fly (Family Syrphidae), maybe.

Finally found a bee! This European Honey Bee was busy foraging the dandelion flowers and look at the pollens all over its body. The pollen made it look like a pale-colored honey bee and seemed to weight it down when it flew from one flower to another.

European honey bee (Apis mellifera)
Although dandelions are considered a weedy plant, I wonder how important they are as a part of pollinators' diets when there are no flowering plants around.

Afterwards, I went to London's Landing to check on the Rufous Hummingbird.

There it is.

Opened beak.

Rufous Hummingbird (Selasphorus rufus)
Looking fierce.

Leafy Abstract
Then I went to the trail next to the railroad tracks. I only photographed this Alder leaf against the blue sky and tree.

Time to head home for dinner.

Photographing Magnolia along the way.

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