American birds - Goldfinch and Bittern

While making lunch today, I found this spider on the floor in front of the fridge. I quickly scooped it up and moved it outside to save it from feeling the wrath of my mother's slipper. I also took these photos of it on the plant outside.

Since the lunch was finished, I took these shots quickly before eating my meal. By the time I came back ready to take better pictures, it was already gone. You eat, you snooze, I suppose.

In the afternoon, I drove my mother to Seafair to check out the cherry blossoms that I saw last week. They are pretty much in full blossom now.

From Hugh Boyd School.

On Seafair Drive.

Because it was cloudy and windy, I wasn't feeling too inspired to take the photos - because I know it would be difficult and lighting would be bad. So I just enjoyed the scene instead. While looking at the blossoms, I noticed a yellow bird through the branches. I immediately know it is an American Goldfinch and called my mother over to see this handsome yellow male among the pink flowers.

Didn't really get the shots I wanted, but it is certainly nice to see and photograph this bird for the first time of the season.

Then we arrived at the dyke trail.

My mother kept saying she wanted to see Coyotes and Bitterns, but I told her it is not so easy to see wildlife when you simply want to. However, just as when we were about to leave, my mother pointed out a bird walking across the trail towards the ditch. It was an American Bittern! What luck!

The bittern walked across the trail and then along the ditch.

Posing, despite us knowing exactly where it is.

Thank you, bittern, for making your appearance to please my mother (and to prove me wrong).

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