Handsome Little Black (a.k.a. Blackie)

I just returned back to Taipei getting ready for work tomorrow. Overall, I had a nice time this weekend in my grandparents' home simply just hanging out.

The back garden and a quite traditional old home.

On Sunday, my aunt gave the family dog Blackie a nice clean bath.

He doesn't hate bath, nor like it for that matter.

After his bath, we tied him to a chair to avoid him running around with his wet fur and getting dirty so soon.

Still itching

Blackie (小黑) after bath 1
When can I leave?

Blackie (小黑) after bath 2
How about now?

While Blackie waited for his fur to dry to be released, I took some handsome portraits of him.
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Blackie (小黑)

Blackie (小黑)

Blackie (小黑) feeling exhausted

Blackie (小黑)

Blackie (小黑) with flying ears
With flying ears!

Blackie (小黑)

Blackie (小黑)

Then I took photos around the backyard garden.


Spiky Aloe
Spiky Aloe

Aloe pattern

Growing Mint
Growing minty leaves

Purple Violet
Purple flower

In the afternoon, my aunts dropped me off at the train station, and it's time to go back.


Cicero Sings said...

Blackie is a handsome little guy ... especially all dry (and clean). They do so love to roll in the dirt when they are wet. Glad you had a restful weekend.

shan-lin said...

why does blackie look like he has wounds on him?? and he's not black XD

PSYL said...

Thank you, CS.

Shan-lin - Blackie's real name Xiao Hey. He's not exactly a young pup anymore and likes to sleep and lay on the cement ground so he has scraps on his joints and ears.

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