Barbet catching & Ximen Red House

Today I came to work real early today to capture the second of the sidewalk barbet. When we arrived, there was already two photographers working hard in the blazing sun photographing the birds. After some negotiation, they let us catch the birds after two more rounds of photography.

Adult Barbet poking its head out of the nest hole. We think this is the male.

Digiscoped Taiwan Barbet (Megalaima nuchalis) - 台灣擬啄木/五色鳥
Male (?) feeding the nestlings inside with berries. This image was photographed through our lab's KOWA TSN-3 Scope. What an amazing scope it is!

After turning to us for capturing the barbet, we wasted no time and caught it soon afterwards. We believe that catching two birds (of the same pair) consecutively on the same day causes stress to their behaviours; thus, trying to catch them on two different days turned out to be a good idea.

After measuring and leg-banding the bird in the lab, I began doing data organization and literature research.

After work, my co-workers brought me to the famous Ximen Red House, a cultural and artistic public market place inside a Western-style historical structure. It was quite a treat to see the creative side of Taiwan's new designers and artists.

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