River tracing adventure to Golden Gorge - Part 1

On July 31, 2009, a group of us hikers met up after work in Taipei to head southeast to Hualien County to get an early start of our weekend trip to Golden Gorge.

In less than four hours (past midnight on August 1st), we arrived at the town next to the Sanjhan South River where we will begin our hike when dawn arrives. We parked our cars in the local elementary school and camped along the hallways of the empty school. It is a pretty common thing-to-do, especially for a small town in the mountains.

Sanjhan Elementary School

Waking up the next morning by barking stray dogs and chanting buddists.

An elementary school surrounded by mountains...
And a river

Beautiful Sanjhan South River at Dawn
First light of August 1, 2009

Since this was my first time taking up river tracing, I wasn't quite sure of the safest techniques or routes, so I didn't take my camera out to take the beautiful scenaries along the way. Thankfully, my co-worker Genie (an experienced climber) had her camera and graciously allowed my use some of her photos. Thank you, Genie!!!

The starting point of our incredible journey

Time to start walking and walking and walking...

Along the way, we saw some pretty interesting wildlife.

Especially this mysterious monkey skull placed on a boulder. RIP.

The beautiful views of Sanjhan South River


Cicero Sings said...

What a wonderful adventure. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

PSYL said...

Thanks, CS. Enjoy I shall.

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