Sky-watching in Taipei

I returned to Taipei this morning (past midnight) from my river-trekking trip in Hualien, then I had to go to work today so forgive me if I am a bit tired, grumpy, and am not ready to show any pictures from my amazing trip yet.

First of all, for those not familiar with river-trekking, it's an outdoor activities common here in Taiwan (and maybe Asia) where we basically hike along rivers or wade or swim in rivers and streams. Our destination was Golden Gorge on the Sanjhan South River. To reach Golden Gorge, we needed to hike along the river with humongous boulders in our way, so sometimes, we had to cross the fast-flowing river too. Then to reach the narrow gorge and see the spectacular waterfall at the end of the gorge, we climbed up three different leveld (natural) obstacles/waterfalls. And the sight was AMAZING!

Anyways, enough of the cliff-hanging. I will post the photos once I organized them. But for now, here're the sky-watching photos I took during lunchtime today. I love sky-watching during the typhoon times here in Taiwan because the clouds are so expressive and inspiring, and two of them are suppose to come at once this time.

I stayed indoors most of the day organizing data again, so I had nothing interesting to show off at work today. Have a good night, everybody.

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