Barbet-catching & Coffee-tasting

Yesterday (Thursday) morning, I watched my co-workers trying to catch the adult barbets of this particular nest right by the bus stop.

Taiwan Barbet (Megalaima nuchalis) - 五色鳥
Since the nestling is already poking its head out of the cavity, then it becomes very difficult for us to catch the adults because the parents tend to feed them right outside the nest opening. The only two times that we can set up the mist net (right outside the opening) are when the parents enter inside the nest to feed the nestlings and to removel the nestlings' fecal waste.

Anyways, after work, my co-workers and I went to this coffee shop (http://www.okogreen.com.tw/index.php) that promotes fairtrade of coffee beans from third world countries. This shop is quite unique because there's no price tag to any coffee, instead we have to think about the hard work put into these beans by the low-wage coffee workers somewhere in Africa, Central and South Americans, etc, and how much they really deserve from this delicious cup of coffee.

Quite an experience, I must say.

Nothing of interesting to report from today (Friday), so I doubt I'll post anything later tonight. If that's the case, have a nice weekend, everyone!

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