Exploring the parks in Tianmu & 3rd place for my presentation!

Feeling bored by the afternoon, I decided to walk around and explore the parks near my residence. The first park I went to was Yinghuagang Park, a very small park outside an apartment building and Tianmu's Yellow River.

Despite the small size, I still saw many interesting things, such as this Papilio demoleus on the other side of the wire fence.


Papilio demoleus

At the end of the park was a small playground, and on the other side was a small farm with bamboo, fruit trees, and other vegetable patches.

Guarding the farm were small feisty (but adorable) puppies.

The farm also attracted plenty of butterflies, bees, and dragonflies.

Such as this Peacock Pansy.

Crossing the park on a small bridge, I came to the riverbank of the Yellow River. Even though the river channel is quite unnatural, it was still nice to watch and hear the water rushing by.

Then I wandered around a bit in the neighbourhood and photographed this unafraid Red Percher.

Red Percher (Neurothemis ramburii) - 善變蜻蜓

Wandering upstream of Yellow River, I came across Tianmu Park, a much larger park that I had vague memories of playing here (with my elementary friends) before I immigrated to Canada.

There is a narrow but sturdy bridge for us to cross over the Yellow River.

I also went to the riverbank and captured some beautiful images of the river flowing underneath the canopy.

Peaceful Yellow River

Gentle Yellow River

When finishing photographing the river, I came across this minute and bright damselfly.

Yellow Featherlegs (Copera marginipes) - 脛蹼琵蟌
Turned out it was a common damselfly named Yellow Featherlegs (Copera marginipes). What a pretty little thing when it was looking at me through my camera lens.

Swinhoe's Japalura (Japalura swinhonis) - 斯文豪氏攀蜥
After an hour or so, I needed to head back home to get ready for the finale banquet of my internship. But not before I captured some images of this patient Swinhoe's Japalura. I shall be back to this beautiful park to reminisce my childhood memories and capture new memories.

By the way, I received the 3rd place award (in the Life Sciences category) for my presentation on Taiwan Barbet. What a wonderful day it was today!


Cicero Sings said...

Third place! Good for you.

That damsel fly is most interesting. I've never see a yellow one!!!

Hope the banquet was a fun one!

P.S. ... any interesting gals over there????

PSYL said...

Thank you, CS.

The damselfly is indeed interesting, especially with a such an unique name of Yellow Featherlegs.

PS - I made a lot of friends in Taiwan, although more lady friends than guy friends ;)

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