Crested Goshawk and Comic World Taiwan in NTU

Last night was unbelievable with the howling wind and heavy rainstorms. This morning, however, the typhoon turned much milder and we had light rain ever since.

Today, a friend invited me to see the Comic World Taiwan (CWT) hosted at National Taiwan University. Not wanting to miss out on a chance to understand Taiwan's unfamiliar culture (to me, that is), I immediately said yes and headed towards NTU. While there, my friend pointed out a Crested Goshawk that flew right by her clawing a Chinese Bulbul. I guess work habits die hard (my friend is also my co-worker at TBG). What a handsome bird.

Crested Goshawk (Accipiter trivirgatus) - 鳳頭蒼鷹
If you look closely, you can see the feathers from the bulbul in the goshawk's beak.

Returning to the main focus of the day, CWT was an eye-opener in terms of quantity and quality of the underground Taiwanese anime artists and fans of the costume roleplay (cosplay). What an intriguing part of Taiwan's culture. After checking out different booths and photographing some generous cosplayers at CWT, my friend and I headed to Ximending to eat a late lunch, and she showed me around the area which was full of her childhood memories.

Overall, it was a great day considering that otherwise I'd be staring in front of the laptop all day and be unproductive.

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