Falling the infested nest tree

Thanks to the concerns of my friends. I am still doing fine - just a lot of work lately and tired day after day. But I am confident the rewarding end will truly justify the means.

A barbet's nest tree had been cut down today due to the fact that it was located in an area infected with the Brown Root Rot Disease caused by pathofen Phellinus noxius. The maintainence workers helped us cut down the trees, and our job was to oversee the cutting of the nest tree and bring the nest tree into the lab for future measurements and analyses.

Before arriving at work, this was one of the Crested Goshawks that I saw trying to catch squirrels for breakfast.

This was the nest tree to be cut down.

It was a particularly successful nest tree with 5 different excavation attempts and two successful nest cavities.

The workers working hard under the blazing sun removing the debris.

Boom! The bottom of the nest tree was already infested with termites, so taking it down was a quick 20 seconds (or even less).

The top part of the tree was already decayed so some of the nest cavities turned into rotten wood when it fell onto the ground.

Some of the bottom ones remained in good conditions.

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