Butterfly, Orchid, and Endoscope

Last Wednesday I tagged along our noise-bird assemblage project. Well, I was too tired these days to go again today. But in the morning, I did saw my friends hard at work again.

Before I arrive at work, I photographed a Peacock Pansy (Junonia almana) flying gracefully among flowers.

Junonia almana

Then there were these pretty Bamboo Orchids (Arundina graminifolia) standing tall waiting for me to photograph them.

Arundina graminifolia

For my PowerPoint presentation this Friday, I need photographs of our equipments, so here's our very very important (and sensitive) endoscope that allows us to see what's happening inside nests meters above our head. Who knows what we will do if we do have this trustworthy tool. The below photo shows the LCD bulbs and the small auto-focusing pin-point lens, and the top photo shows the entire endoscope about two meters tall.

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