Loving Life

After a serious discussion with a work friend on Friday, a lot of thoughts were suppose to enter my mind. But instead of overthinking and overworrying, I channeled that drive into coming to work on the weekend and fixing my problems. A lot of work, perhaps, but I am willing to do what is right.

Today, before arrive at work, a group of weekend photographers was just outside the botanical garden photographing the Taiwan Barbets (the one that my co-workers were trying to catch on Thursday but came back empty-handed).

Crossing over the sidewalk, I noticed chirping of the Japanese White-eyes (Zosterops japonicus). Looking closely, I noticed that one of them was a fledgling and its parents were feeding it.

Japanese White-eye (Zosterops japonicus) fledgling - 綠繡眼幼鳥
Japanese White-eye fledgling.

After working for the entire (Saturday and Sun)day (and resting a little bit along the way), I had completed what I set out to do. Calling it a day, I decided to head up to the rooftop and just relax.

Watching the sunset.

Marveling over the crescent Moon

Enjoying the wind

Skywatch in Taipei
And loving life.

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