Beginning work again & Trying to capture Sidewalk Barbet

Today I began my new position as a summer research assistant at Taiwan Forestry Research Institute (TFRI) - Forest Protection Division, but most of my morning was spending time filling out forms and signing contracts. Then for lunch, we had a celebratory luncheon to cheer for my 3rd place award. What an honour!

Before lunch, we had just captured an adult Taiwan Barbet living in a sidewalk Camphor tree (outside the TBG), so we had to measure and leg-band it before going for lunch. After the lunch break, we had to try and capture the second adult barbet. However, they seemed to be aware of our presence and motive and were reluctant in entering their nest completely to feed their chick. Instead, they just quickly perch outside the nest opening and put the food in it and fly away.

Not the best place in the world to raise young.

The not-captured adult barbet. We are guessing that this is a male, and it still didn't want to enter the nest.

In the end, we still caught no barbet and will be returning early tomorrow morning to try again. Sigh, I think we are in for a long struggle.


Chris said...

Well at least you saw it and you got a picture. I guess that you have to be patient!

PSYL said...

Thanks, Chris. Patient is a must quality in doing our work.

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