Photographing dragonflies during lunchtime

In two days, my 6-week internship will officially be over and what a strange feeling it is. I started one month before the actual internship and will stay for at least two more months afterwards, so to me, this job is not over yet. Not when there's still data to be gathered, organized, and analyzed.

Anyways, I spent most of the time today working on my PowerPoint presentation to be presented this Friday. Then during lunchtime, I went outside and ate alone when everyone brought their own homecooked lunch boxes. While crossing TBG, it gave me the opportunity to reflect on some of the first memories of the garden and how surprising the biodiversity is in it.

Entrance to TBG

However, it was extremely hot during lunch hours, so very few animals were photographed - except these cooperating dragonflies.

Scarlet Basker (Urothemis signata yiei) - 褐基蜻蜓
Scarlet Basker (Urothemis signata yiei)

Red Percher (Neurothemis ramburii ramburii) - 善變蜻蜓
Red Percher (Neurothemis ramburii ramburii)

Pink Crocous in Taipei Botanical Garden
There were some late crocus flowers blossoming after the first beautiful wave of pink flowers along the path.

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