Orange-crowned (or Yellow?) Warbler spotting

This morning, my mother called me to the bathroom to check out this spider, as well as to move it outside.

After dropping it in a plant pot, it stayed still for a few moments for me to snap some photos.

In the morning, we went to Canadian Tires to buy some camping gear for me (I will be leaving BC in about two weeks - heading to Ontario first to check out the school, then to Yukon via Edmonton and Inuvik, NWT).

After arriving home, it was still early and so I biked to London Farm.

Not all tulips were flowering but still enough to take pictures.




European Honey Bee (Apis mellifera)
Then I headed over to the beekeeping area to look at the busy honey bees flying in and out of their homes. Some were taking a break, like this one.

American Robin (Turdus migratorius)
I saw and heard many birds, including a couple of Black-capped Chickadees flying in and out of nest boxes. I imagine this American Robin was collecting food to bring back home too, otherwise it would gobble up the worm already.

Then I went over to the flowers at the back of the farm where the pollinators are.

Taking many photos of the bee butts. Looking at this photo closely, I realized that they are spots on the bee's wings. I thought they were pores, but apparently they are fine hairs (like this image). Very cool.

Possible Mason Bee (Osmia spp.) infected with mites
Then I spotted this weird looking bee (not fly because it doesn't have fly's eyes). Its head makes it look like a mason bee (Osmia spp.), but I asked Bug Guide just to make sure, as well as the weird coloration and growth on its thorax. [Response: Looks like an Osmia spp. with mites on its back.] Yikes.

Then I biked towards Finn Slough, but was distracted by this Yellow-rumped Warbler that I saw.
Took many of this dark photos before I realized the setting was incorrect.

Yellow-rumped Warbler (Dendroica coronata)
Then I took this.

However, the Yellow-rumped Warbler was soon chased off by this yellow bird. I was so excited to see this unfamiliar bird. Initially, I thought it was an Orange-crowned Warbler but also a Yellow Warbler without the pinstripes. I suck at warbler-identifications, especially when the birds are quiet (although I doubt it would help either). [Notes: I think it may be an Orange-crowned Warbler, after seeing this picture. Any help is appreciated.]

Yellow Warbler (Dendroica petechia)

Yellow Warbler (Dendroica petechia)

Yellow Warbler (Dendroica petechia)

Yellow Warbler (Dendroica petechia)

Yellow Warbler (Dendroica petechia)

After staring and looking for the warbler darting in and out of the foliage feeding on the nectar, I spotted something else - a hummer! I think this is an Anna's Hummingbird! What a nice surprise!

Song Sparrow (Melospiza melodia)
A Song Sparrow singing as I exited the trail and headed home. And no, I didn't see the Killdeer nesting on the grass this afternoon. Maybe it was just resting the other day.

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