More from Inuvik, NWT

Smarties Houses
Went out for a walk yesterday morning before heading to Parks Canada office. The neighborhood we were placed in. Not exactly superb, but it's interesting (and safe).

We call these the "Smarties Houses".

Walking in Inuvik. Quite dusty.

Post office, and Parks Canada office on the second floor.

A previous student from Trent pinned these insects from Ivvavik National Park. It would be cool if I can see and photograph some of them.

After work and having tacos for dinner, my co-worker and I went out for a walk - to a lake he went to last year.

The lake provides water for the town of Inuvik. Not the best water - clear brownish and a silty aftertaste.

Lake still partly frozen.

Afterwards, we walked along this desolate-looking road.

Saw this unknown butterfly. [Edit: I believe this is a Grey Comma, Polygonia progne.]

White-crowned Sparrow (Zonotrichia leucophrys)
A White-crowned Sparrow squinting its eyes because it's so bright!

Desolate Road
Besides the cars, there were some people walking or jogging on this road.


When we looped back home, we went to check out this skating arena-turned-community garden.

Quite impressive to see all these gardens inside this giant greenhouse. Almost like home, I suppose.

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