From Edmonton to Yellowknife to Norman Wells to Inuvik

Arrived at Inuvik two days ago. The weather has been quite incredible so far - super sunny, cloudless sky, 24 hour daylight, and no mosquitoes yet. Here are photos from my journey from Edmonton to Inuvik.

Flying over some pretty incredible landscape, especially over places where you can't see any human destruction at all.

First stop: Yellowknife

Our plane

A nice river just beside the airport

Another view

Second stop: Norman Wells

The airport

Outside the airport

The neighborhood just outside the airport.

Almost missed the continuous flight to Inuvik because I was bird-watching. D'oh!

White-crowned Sparrow. The commonest (and the only) bird around here in the north so far are: WCSP, Ravens (about twice the size of crows down south), Tree Swallows, and the Robins that I hear sometimes. Biodiversity is quite low here, but still incredible to see some of the animals still surviving and thriving this far north.

One-street downtown Inuvik.

A channel that flows into Mackenzie River. Yes, that's still ice in the water. Quite amazing.

Pretty nice view.

My colleague and I spent most of the morning in the provided apartment doing work, then came up to Parks Canada office to visit people and sort out some supplies, went back to apartment for dinner, then went to someone's house to watch the Canucks game as they advance into the Stanley Cup Finals! Go Canucks!


Cicero Sings said...

I tried to comment the other day and couldn't seem to get through. But today is different. I just wanted to say, what a neat adventure you have embarked upon. It will really mold and shape you like nothing else. My own D spent time on a ship in the Beaufort Sea and time in an isolation post and he always talked about those times as character forming and yet some of the best times. Not many have such an opportunity. I'm sure when the bugs hatch you'll wonder but hang in there!

PSYL said...

Thank you, CS. This is definitely going to be a life-changing experience. And I look forward to it. Have a good summer!

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