Okay, hopefully this will be a quick post as I need to finish off some paperwork and go to bed soon.

I think the one thing that I will decrease/cut from my "non-working" days is not visit all the blogs that I have on the right side of my blog, which is a shame because they are all fantastic places for knowledge, inspiration, and humour. Nevertheless, it can sometimes take up an hour or two reading them every morning, so I might just pick ones I find interesting.

Now onto today. Today was my first day coming to Trent University. First thought, it is more culturally diverse than I thought, not that I am complaining, but I was not expecting it to be similar to UBC in terms of the diversity of students. Second thought, it's small (again comparing it to UBC). Third thought, the people are extremely nice and helpful! I had to walked around the campus asking for assistance and help and everyone were just incredibly nice! I like nice people, so I think I will like this school. Four thought, I know this is a (student) job, but today felt like a job than being a student - running around getting equipments, meetings with supervisors and fellow grad students, etc. I think I will get used to it.

Now, some photos from Trent. Today's a cloudy day so forgive me if the pictures are gray or the sky is whitewashed.

The sports field. Apparently we are called the Trent Excalibur. Not sure how it fits, but it's pretty unique.

One of the nice paths with trees and birds singing.

Probably the coolest part of the university, a bridge across a river (River Otonabee).

Looking at the views from the bridge. The view is probably better when the weather is nice.

My building, but we are moving next month. So yay, new building!

After leaving the university at 17:10, my supervisor and I returned back to her house (where I am staying for the next few days). After dinner, I had the opportunity to wander around the neighborhood and marvel at the beautiful houses that are in the area. I haven't been to enough places, but the houses in this area are just beautiful - ancient, antique, magnificent, well-kept, and so forth.

My Temporary Stay at Peterborough, Ontario
This is my temporary stay with the beautiful yard.

Timmy, one of the beautiful but gigantic cats.

After the wandering, I tagged along with my supervisor's husband to watch the Chimney Swifts (Chaetura pelagica) returning to their chimneys! It was an incredible sight to see about 97 swifts all flying into one medium-sized chimney shaft! Too bad it was cloudy and drizzling, otherwise I wished I got a photo of it instead of this rather-boring photo of the Peterborough Clock Tower.

That's all for today. Good night, everyone.

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