Posting before leaving

So the time has come for me to leave BC and head to Ontario for about 5 days to check out the school and establish the details of my project with my supervisors. Afterwards, I will travel to Inuvik, NWT first (via Edmonton) where I will get settled for another few days before heading to my field site in Sheep Creek, Ivvavik National Park.

This will be very different from my previous (field) seasons. No more comfort of living with relative, no more straightforward directions and responsibilities, and most important, an extended away-from-home experience for more than two years. Sure, I will come back during holidays, but they will be short visits and things just won't be the same. Nevertheless, clocks continue to tick and life goes on, for better or for worse, and I have been waiting for this opportunity to prove my worth on this planet and now that it has arrived, there is no way I am giving it up!

However, with my new responsibilities as a graduate student, I fear that this blog which I had maintained for more than three years now will take a back seat of my life, along with my passion for photography. This blog and my photography will continue but will probably occur more sporadically now.

This is one of my ranting posts, but hopefully I will post again when I arrive in Peterborough.

Heading to the airport in less than 6 hours. Going to sleep now. Good night all.


Hugh said...

With your keen eye and large heart I expect you will be able to draw a great deal from your experiences in places most of us will never have the opportunity to visit. Have fun.

Tim said...

I doubt your photography will be put on hold. Travels to distant lands...seeing new animals/plants...do share a photo or two here when you get the chance.

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