Sunny afternoon in Trent and Peterborough

After a few days of sorting out project details, I now have three potential projects that I won't know which one to carry out until I get to the field site and look at the situation. Overall, not the best way to begin but it's all a part of life.

This morning I put down a deposit for Trent graduate student housing here in Peterborough. It's a bit far from the main campus but I think I will be just fine. After that, I returned back to the campus and did some more reading and researching and then made more fuchsin gel (for staining pollens on stigmas) for my project(s). There was a thunderstorm when I was speaking to my supervisor, but when I was about to go back to my supervisor's house (with a heavy pack and four mist-netting poles for another student), it was sunny and super hot under my winter jacket.

While waiting for the bus, I took my jacket off, put the poles aside, and snapped photos of the beautiful Trent University. I am liking this place and the city more and more as time goes on.

On the bridge.

Otonabee River

Otonabee River and Bata Library
The other side.

Bata Library
Bata Library, one of the many buildings that I have not yet enter.

Another view.

I took the wrong bus and it took the more 'scenic' route through all the residential areas and side streets, but at least I know the city better now.

St. Andrew's United Church
A church near where I am staying.

Have a nice long weekend, fellow Canadians! I will be leaving Peterborough in about 26 hours.

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