First day of May

Maybe it's just me but the last few days feel like summer - warm, somewhat humid, and sunny. Although it's suppose to change by tomorrow. Anyways, today's the second day of field equipment shopping where my mother and I went to MEC to get me a watch, pillow, natural toothpaste and body wash, and other items. I think everything is bought. Just need to start taking out the necessary clothes and packing them.

After shopping, coming back home, and eating lunch. I headed out again to enjoy the nice day.

Somewhat hazy day.

The male hummingbird on its usual perch patrolling its territory.

Unknown Fly Cleaning Itself
Then I went over to the field beside the Gilbert Road Community Garden to find me some pollinators. I saw several honey bees, cabbage whites, and these hoverflies. This one was in the process of rubbing the pollen off its body and so I was able to photograph it.

Then I biked towards Finn Slough, where I tried to photograph tree swallows manually. I think this will the only kind of shot I will be able to achieve with this bird.

Saw a few Yellow-rumped Warblers again, but no Orange-crowned Warblers. I got Bushtits instead.

The closest I was able to photograph a cabbage white today through barbed wires. I really hope I can get a close-up of this butterfly in the future.

Through the leaves

In the forest
Then I went over to the trail beside the railroad tracks, and photographed these with my OM lens.

Unknown Beetle
As I was heading home, I saw these small beetles not doing much on the grass blades. Not sure what they are but they sure are cute-looking close-up, especially its clavate (clubbed) antennae.

Not sure why, but I am tired already. Maybe too much sun?

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