Wet Day to Space Centre

I got another free pair of tickets to the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre yesterday, although I think it may be free to everyone irregardless since today is International Astronomy Day. I invited my friend again to join me on today's trip.

The famous crab outside the space center. Apparently it has been here since 1967, and in his belly holds a time capsule to be open on Canada's Bicentennial, July 1, 2067 . It was designed by Vancouver artist George Norris and build of welded stainless steel by Gus Lidberg . Interestingly, the shape of the roof of the museum does not resembles an UFO but a native woven hat.

After touring the space centre, the sky cleared and we saw some blue sky. So we sat on a bench and enjoyed a salty-and-sweet lunch.

Freezing Water #7 by Jun Ren of China, another art sculpture for Vancouver Biennale.

We were planning to cross the Burrard Bridge from Vanier Park, but somehow we wounded up at this so-called Spot Prawn Festival. Too bad we already had lunch and the event was pretty much finishing up.

Trying to find our way to Burrard Bridge, we came across these beautiful Bleeding Hearts outside an apartment building.

We, 2008 by Jaume Plensa
Finally we made it across and saw this impressive art called "We, 2008" by Jaume Plensa of Spain. This is located at Sunset Beach Park and also another of Vancouver Biennale art sculpture.

Four Friends
Saw these four people sitting in the rain and just enjoying the view of the ocean.

Along the Seawalk
We then tried to walk around Stanley Park but it began to rain pretty hard and we decided to call it a day and cut across the Lost Lagoon and headed on home.

Sorry, Shu Mei, for Vancouver's horrible weather.


Carel Brest van Kempen said...

I'm sorry to have inadvertently deleted your good questions the other day; I will address them shortly.
Best regards,

PSYL said...

Thank you for the comment, Carel. I was wondering what happened to your post as it was gone the following day, but then returned again.

Nevertheless, I am looking forward to your following posts about the topic.

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