See you later, Canada. Hello, Taiwan.

Not a whole lot of wildlife was observed today. It's probably because it is a sunny weekend and everyone is outside enjoying the sunshine.

Nevertheless, I spotted this small damselfly catching a meal (a small gnat-like bug that is very abundant by the dyke right now) and eating it right in front of me. How cool! Anyone know what species this is?

Dragonfly enjoying a meal
Look at the satisfied smile! And the bodyless critter left behind.

Spider in the Community Garden
A spider patrolling the garden for a meal.

Well, today is my last Spring outing (here in Canada) as I am heading back to Taiwan tomorrow for about three months. Work positions (in the field of biology/ecology) are harder to find and more competitive here in Canada than I expected - because a Bachelor degree is not good enough, or I lack certain specific certifications or license or knowledge. Anyways, I found a volunteer position and a paid internship position back in Taiwan - studying roosting behaviors of Muller's Barbet (Megalaima nuchalis) in Taipei Botanical Garden and conducting a survey and museum collection of moth species in the mountains of Taiwan Forestry Research Institute, respectively. Basically, I will be having a very fulfilling and wildlife-abundant summer!

But I will certainly miss views like this, especially the Bald Eagles.

Therefore, prepare to see a change of scenaries in this blog as I shifted focus from mainly birds in Northwest North America to the biodiversity (birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects, everything) of a tropical island in Asia! I will continue to have internet access but the ability to edit and upload photos may be limited as I will be using a shared laptop with other family members. Maybe I will just resort to the old method of doing collages. I will deal with it when the time comes.

Do not cry for me, Red-winged Blackbird.

I will be leaving after noon on the 10th (PST), layover at Japan for a few hours, then arriving in Taiwan in the evening of 11th (TWT). Tiring, but the chance to apply my skills fully and see wildlife from a different continent for three months is certainly worth it!

Ta ta for now!


Wanderin' Weeta said...

Have a good trip! I'm looking forward to seeing your photos from Taiwan.

barefootheart said...

Look forward to hearing from you from Taiwan.
Your eagle shots have been great to see.
Hope you have a good trip and a great summer!

Chris said...

Sorry I cannot help you with the damselfly name, but I can tell you that these pictures are really good! Enjoy your trip and come back with many pictures!

T and S said...

Beautiful series, the 2nd last landscape shot is exquisitely composed.

Cicero Sings said...

Looking forward to reading of your adventures and seeing pictures of a new world ... at least to me! It'll be a great experience. all the best for an interesting and hopefully fun, summer.

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