Relaxng in the backyard

One of the bad things about living in the tropics is that sometimes you just want to hide in the shades and enjoy a nice cool drink and not go out under the wrath of the intense sun - which was exactly what I did yesterday. A nice soft wind was blowing and it felt stupid to go look for wildlife with this kind of opportunity, so I just stayed in the backyard and grab a bench and see what wildlife will come to me.

Unidentified Gray Jumping Spider
Patrolling my grandmother's plants was this (unidentified) jumping spider, jumping towards any small insects that landed in its vicinity. Sadly, it didn't catch anything during my watch.

I also saw this brown butterfly fluttering among the vegetation trying to find a nice place to rest. I will need to work on identifying skills of Lepidopteran in the next few weeks. [Edit: After asking around, I believe it is a Borbo cinnara.)

Finally, another different jumping spider. I guess this one is suited to stay on tree barks because of its intricate and camouflaged patterns on the back. Click on the image to enlarge.


Hugh said...

These observations are great. Keep 'em coming!

swamp4me said...

I have really been enjoying your pictures. Thanks for sharing your corner of the world. As for your moth, I believe it is a butterfly instead based on the appearance of the antennae. Try looking it up under the Skippers - Family Hesperiidae. Looking forward to more posts!

Chris said...

Excellent. It is still nice to see something you are not use to see even if it si not a bird!! Great!

PSYL said...

Thanks everyone.

swamp4me - After your comment, I looked into it and you're right. It belongs in the family Hesperiidae and is commonly called a Rice Swift. Thank you.

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