Well, I finally arrived this morning (12th in Taiwan) just after midnight. Arrival in Japan was delayed a bit as the Japanese government needed to check everybody onboard the plane for signs of sickness that may be swine flu. But even the delay meant waiting for about four hours for the flight to Taiwan, and by then it was already midnight time in Vancouver, as I was exhausted. Anyways, long story short, perhaps due to jetlag or excitment, I only slept six or seven hours today.

The only wildlife I saw in the Vancouver International Airport were the marine life in a wall-sized mini-aquarium. No good pictures came from that. But, I photographed some insects (fly and wasps?) that were on the windows of Narita Airport in Tokyo, as well as a couple of crows. Never have I been so excited to see a crow when I saw one perched on one of the towers. People must think I am nuts kneeling down in front of windows trying to photograph birds and insects.

Wonder what awaits me today...

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