Befriended a bee

Well, light rain started to fall when I got to the dyke again today. Whatever. I am sick and tired of the rain ruining my outings everytime, and ruining my mood even more when the sun began to shine as soon as I got home.

I decided to hang around even when the rain is coming down since it wasn't raining too hard.

Field of flowers
Sky-watch of the day, with a splash of flowers in the foreground to brighten the mood.

The pair of adult Bald Eagles were spotted today. This time, they sat on the same branch.

Bald Eagles (Haliaeetus leucocephalus)

When the rain got a little bit harder, I found shelter underneath the trees of this beautiful path.

I saw this flower with a couple of insects on it. I experimented by taking this photo with the flash on and it turned out to be a good surprise - creating a dark background while perfectly showing the flower and insect.

On a Dandelion flower, I saw this little honey bee on it. At first, it wasn't moving so I thought it was dead. After giving it a gentle poke, it moved a little bit. I guess it was either injured or just hiding from the rain like me.

Honey Bee

This bee is extremely friendly and didn't even fly away when I kneel down and get close to take these photos.

Honey Bee

Honey Bee
As you can see, its body is covered with pollen grains to assist the process of pollination.

As I was heading back home, the pair of eagles was still there.

Bald Eagles (Haliaeetus leucocephalus)
I wonder who's the female and who's the male?


T and S said...

Beautiful images. I like the 2nd last image of the bald eagles where they are looking at each other and the macro shots of the bee on the sun flower. Well observed and timed shots

Wanderin' Weeta said...

Hint: raingear. Always carry it. Even if it's just one of those pocket-sized plastic capes from a dollar store.

Rainy days are often great picture-taking days. The light is different; softer, more forgiving. And the colours are either greyed or sometimes enhanced, greener and fresher, like that beautiful path.

Great eagle shots, hiding from the rain under the canopy of leaves!

Wanderin' Weeta said...

I wrote a comment and the computer swallowed it. I don't know whether it posted or not, so I'll repeat myself.

A hint: Raingear. Always carry it. Even if it's one of those pocket-sized dollar store capes.

Rainy weather is excellent for picture-taking. The light is different, softer and more forgiving; the contrast is reduced, so that overly bright backgrounds don't blacken your target. And the colours are either greyer, or greener and fresher, like in that beautiful path.

Besides, the birds sometimes sit still, under shelter, where you can get at them.

Great eagle shots, by the way!

Chris said...

I Think I'm really starting to be jealous of your bald eagle pictures! Gosh it is so nice to see them so often and to get some shots of them. I'm heading northwest of iceland this week end and hope to see them. That will be already ncie.

Cicero Sings said...

Those last pictures of the eagles ... definitely look like they are havig a household dispute!

That pathway does look lovely.

As for the clouds and the rain ... I remember it all too well. We've had clouds and sun off and on but very little in the way of precip.

Mingus is keeping me busy so not much time for blogging or commenting!

You are getting really good at this photography!

Still waiting for that news?!!

PSYL said...

T and S - Thanks. Those are my favorite shots of the day too.

Wanderin' Weeta - No worries, I caught both comments as soon as they came in (as I was checking my e-mail at the time). And thank you for the raingear tip. I will try it sometimes. Although it's my camera that I am more worried about. Personally, I don't mind it that much. I guess I am using my camera too much now...

Chris - I thought Bald Eagles are a North American bird? I guess some of them traveled to northern Europe then. Well, best of luck to you and it would be nice to see them photographed in a different setting.

CS - Thank you. No worries about not blogging or commenting. Life with a new puppy must be tiring (and exciting). Just keep us updated from time to time. Oh, my news....it's coming. Soon. Let's just say it involves traveling overseas and basically doing what I do everyday but with a title to it (but no money).

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