Barbet watching in the rain

Today was a pretty tiring day so I'll keep this post nice and short.

I spent the day doing the following things: two 3-hours shifts of observing a different pair of barbets that are feeding their hatched fledglings - their diet includes berries and insects; transporting ladder and point-camera equipments around; and helping to peek into nest to see the status of the offsprings. Some of the trees are more than 10 metres high! To makes things a bit more difficult, monsoon rain started to came down during my last shift.

Me observing the nest. Volunteers of TBG need to wear the red vest to venture into restricted areas. What a treat! Because it allows me to take pictures such as the following.

Muller's Barbet (Megalaima nuchalis) - 五色鳥
The beautiful Muller's Barbet. I should probably mention that they are translated as Five-Colored Bird in Mandarn because there are five colors on their body: green, red, black, blue, and yellow. The body is green, and all the other colors are evident on the head.

By the way, my mother came to Taipei to visit me as we had not yet bumped into each other yet this summer. Hooray!


Chris said...

Excelelnt post, you are seing so many things, I envy you!!

PSYL said...

Thanks, Chris.

jenjen said...


i feeel like im in ur position .. wearing the vest and peering thru those lenses :P

i wish i was there to enjoy the awesomenesss of mother nature !!

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