Seeing a "white" Goldfinch, and other questions?

Well, today was certainly an interesting day. I saw a few things that are certainly worth posting.

American Robin (Turdus migratorius)
American Robin staring at the direction of an eagle call. Photo taken with the TCON again.

I am usually not good with insect identification. But I was watching the TV program "The Secret World of Gardens", and it was taking about flies today. That how I know this is a Hoverfly that I saw this afternoon.


Great Horned Owl again (on a farther tree) concentrating on napping despite the annoying crows around it.

American Goldfinch (Carduelis tristis)
The first thing that boggled my mind today. American Goldfinches that I saw (so far) this year are all canary bright yellow colors. But this one I saw today is pale yellow and almost whitish. Could it be a Leucistic American Goldfinch? It can't be an albino because then it would have to be all white. A quick search on Google and one of the results slightly confirms my prediction. Any help, please?

Gadwall (Anas strepera)
In the pond in Terra Nova, a pair of Gadwall arrived and was splashing and preening their feathers. What a handsome male!

Then I spotted this weird looking duck (the one closer to me). It has a dark reddish-brown head and is a diving duck. But what species? Again, help please?

Tilt your head slightly to the right as I photographed at an angle to get all four eagles.

Lastly, as I was heading back home, I saw four Bald Eagles perched on the tree (with the abandoned eagle nest). I think they are all related as there were two adults and two immature eagles. I am guessing no one is in the nest incubating the eggs or raising the nestings? I guess no new chicks this year? Sad.


Fiona Cohen said...

Judging by the beak shape and colour, the duck looks like a female common goldeneye.

Chris said...

Hi I agree with Fiona, it is a female goldeneye!! A nice day you got and I would love to see 4 eagles at a time. Since I've been in Iceland, I only saw them twice!!

Ken Conger Photography said...

Thx for stopping by. Lots of great images. I think your mystery duck is a female goldeneye by the looks of the head shape and color. Blue Skies.

PSYL said...

Thanks all. The appearance of a lone female Goldeneye completely threw me off as it is usually the male that allows me to id them...

Sigh, I have a lot to learn about birding...

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