Award Speech

I have received this amazing award from Tarolino, and it's my first and a very honorable award because Tarolino herself is a wonderful story-teller and photographer.
When I first started writing this blog, it was kind of like a personal journal because I have come to learn that life goes by too quickly and without jotting down and remembering each day, it's easy to get lost in the meaning of life and become ignorant of the natural beauty of our surroundings. As time goes on, I have become a fan of many bloggers, whether it be their stories, travel outings, photos, or just our shared appreciations of Mother Nature.

Anyways, I want to thank Tarolino and everyone who visit this blog because it's quite addictive to have your work appreciated and wanting to keep up the good streak going. Thank you all!

Now to pass this award on. I am not too familiar with other bloggers besides "stalking" their blog, but I'll mention some of my favorite blogs (which is tough because all of them are excellent , and all of them can be found on "My Blog List") - in no particular order.

- Migratoryman's Nature Blog. A Chinese blog from a superb Taiwanese birder and photographer. Even though the blog is in Chinese, the pictures are enough to blow you away.
- Vickie Henderson Art. Vickie has a deep profound appreciation of nature that I am admire so much. She also has excellent sketches and stories to tell.
- This DVM's Wife's Life. A fun blog from the wife of a DVM. I laugh at all of her posts.
- Walk the Wildernes. An excellent nature blog all the way from India. Through their stories and photographs, I have come to learn many things about precious animals of the Asia.
- Huckleberry Days. A local blogger and naturalist that has the fountain of knowledge about the fauna and flora of seemingly everywhere.
- Chris Photo Nature. A wonderful blog about the nature that Chris sees in his trips and outings.
- Peregrine's Bird Blog. A new birding blog that I just discovered, but it's definitely a keeper.
- Wanderin' Weeta (With Waterfowl and Weeds). That blog name is enough to keep you interested. This is another local blogger, and she has interesting stories about everything. You are never bored reading her posts.
- Cicero Sings. One of my favorite blogger enjoying her life in northern BC. One of the most interesting blogs ever, and she has delicious food recipes too!
- Julie Zickefoose and Bill of the Birds. This wife-husband dynamic duo are not only famous in the birding world, but in the blog world too. What a success! Plus, they have the wonderfully famous and adorable Chet Baker in their family. I am jealous.
- Mary's View. A wonderful and photogenic blog that brightens your day everytime Mary posts.
- Life's Sweet Ordinary -- through my lens. Diane is a wonderful photographer from Alberta with beautiful photographs and insights.
- Rock Paper Lizard. Hugh is an awesome blogger. His outlooks towards life, his knowledge, and his "Interpreter" stories are worthy to bookmark his blog and visit everyday. Period.

These are the blogs I am going to give special mentions to, because there's no way am I going to mention all of the 117 (and increasing) blogs that I have in my blog list. But seriosly, they are all worthy of visiting, because I like simple and insightful blogs with lots of pictures, and that's the kind of person I am.

I'm just sharing this award. Please don't feel pressured as if you need to give out this award too. Just have fun!


Wanderin' Weeta said...

Thanks, PSYL! "... never bored ..." What a nice thing to say!

I clicked on all the links to blogs I didn't know; great choices! I've already added a couple to my blogroll.

Tarolino said...

Went to have a look on some of these and they are all absolutely marvellous blogs. Would have liked to see them all byt right now there's no time. Must continue another time. You have a wonderful list of blogs and the amount of talent in the world is mind boggling.
I'm glad my award gave you an extra wind as I love for you to continue with these wonderful wildlife safaris that you do.

Cicero Sings said...

Thanks PSYL! One needs such a boost every now and again to keep going!

Hugh said...

Thanks a lot, PSYL, That's very kind of you.

I enjoy you pictures every day.

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