Food and Birds

Another beautiful afternoon today, and seems that will be the case for the weekend too. What a great news!

Anyways, when I passed by this Great Blue Heron, it already caught this fish (I think) and started to swallow it already. Such a shame that I didn't see the whole thing.

Another bird eating. This time, it was a Golden-crowned Sparrow eating young budding leaves from this plant. I didn't know leaves are a part of their diet too.

Nothing about food or bird in this next photo. But I spotted a Muskrat again! When I see them, it usually means that the weather next day is going to be bad. Hmm.

From where I saw the Muskrat, this handsome American Robin sat patiently on this branch looking for something. What exactly, I am not certain. But I certainly got some great pictures of it.

American Robin (Turdus migratorius)

Then nearby, the same Great Blue Heron (I think) struck again, and this time I was fortunate enough to see the whole thing.


Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias) catching fish
Look at the size of that fish - at least 10-cm long! I didn't know the fishes in the ditches can grow that big.

The heron brought it onto land and throw it down and jabbed it a few times.

Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias) catching fish
Then it was just a matter of positioning the fish so that it can properly slide down the heron's throat.

Afterwards, the heron kept its bill clean by rubbing against this wooden post (or grassy reeds in the first time).

Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias)
A satiated bird is a happy bird, and that makes me a happy birder too. What a day!


Tarolino said...

What a wonderful sequal of shots of the heron and the last close up is amazing. A muskrat is an unknown species to me but perhaps they are called something different over here. The robin is gorgeous and so well presented.

shan-lin said...

love the heron pictures! it was snowing this morning. mother nature's f@#king with us!

Chris said...

Excellent post. Love the heron hunting set!!!

ambercoakley said...

What a treat to see the Great Blue Heron sequence. Awesome!

PSYL said...

Tarolino - Muskrat's scientific name is Ondatra zibethicus. It's an aquatic rodent quite like a beaver except that its tail is long and flattened laterally.

shan-lin - I saw the news on the snowfall in Ontario! What da heck is going on lately!?

Chris & ambercoakley - Thank you both. Too see the heron catching fish was definitely a moment that I won't ever forget.

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