April 1st - Dandelion photo from yesterday

It's April 1st today. But this won't be a witty post about finding the true identity of American Goldfinches, or discovering some special bird, or giving away one of my love ones, or changing this blog to something about..golf? No, this is not. Why? Because I am probably feeling the same way as Rock Paper Lizard, and Mother Nature right now is playing a terrible joke with us by bring us rain and coldness in this gray day, when yesterday was sunny (but windy). Where is the Spring weather?

I guess I will have to just rely on the weedy but beautiful Dandelions to brighten my day. This photo was taken yesterday. Sigh, such strange weather lately.

Hope everyone maintained their good humor today and enjoyed their April Fools' Day. Cheers.


T and S said...

Your disappointment at the change of weather is so evident in this post and that image of the slightly drooping Dandelions is in line with your disappointment.

Philip said...

I guess for you guys it's time for spring :) I lobe your pics of the Eagle in filght very nice indeed !

Cicero Sings said...

Snowy lightly here this morning too ... just finely coming down at the moment. No dandelions here so consider yourself blessed!

PSYL said...

Thanks everybody. T and S, you are very observant. I think I do feel that way and that somehow translates into the photo that I chose.

Philip - Thanks for visiting. You have a wonderful site with beautiful wildlife photographs. I will add it to my Blog List now.

Haha, Cicero Sings. I think I will take snow over rain anytime of the day. But yes, we are indeed blessed to see some bright colors right now. Hope more arrives in the future, both yours and mine.

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