Return of Clouds, Muskrat, and Killdeers

Good weathers never last. Cloudy days are back (and it is raining at the moment), but that certainly didn't stopped me from biking out today.

Only a tiny break of clouds at the Gulf Islands.

Animals' intuition about weather is so mysterious. I swear, everytime I see a Muskrat, the weather of the following day is usually going to be raining or snowing.

I had a fun time observing this Bald Eagle eating its meal. Looks like fish to me with the very red flesh. I'll bet the maintenance workers in the golf course below will know.

Meal finished, and a satisfied Bald Eagle.

Went to the Terra Nova Slough again, and this Killdeer was wagging its head and body in front of me - knowing that I want to photograph it. And of couse, I know exactly what it was up to. (But no, it wasn't the "broken wing" act. Maybe they learned from that?)

It was trying to lead me away from its nest. A clever but a naive bird. But I will go along with it since I don't really want to disturb new life being born into this world. Good luck!


Tarolino said...

You have such a variety of wildlife around you. It's enviabale. You get so close to those herons too to get such detailed photos. Glad you decided to humour the killdeer (funny name). Makes me think of KillBill movies. It's best to leave nests alone. You already have green leaves breaking out on the shrubs. Oh well. Soon they do the same here.
PS. Love the mood of the first shot and the vastness of the rugged landscape.

This DVM's Wife's Life said...

Thank you for stopping by my blogs and sharing your Hot Blog Award! I appreciate this!
I'm amazed at your pictures. Wow. To capture pictures of that Bald Eagle makes me so jealous. There are quite a few around where I live. I always love being able to see one. I'm hoping to one day get some close up pics like you have.
Hope you stop by again!

PSYL said...

Thanks, Tarolino. Killdeer is indeed a funny name. It gets that name because it makes kill-de-de-de sounds.

No problem, TDWL. And I'll definitely visit your blog again soon.

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