Birds on the lookout

I'm having a difficult time coming up with a theme for today's post. I was going to write about birds keeping a constant watch of their surroundings, but then I thought what kind of animal doesn't do it. But as you can see from the birds in this post, all of them are looking for something - mainly food.

American Coot scraping algae off this log.

Female Mallard
A female Mallard resting, but always keeping watch.

No birds, but the Cherry blossom was saw next to the American Coot and Mallards. This was in Steveston, when I drove over there to return library books and buy groceries.

Then I biked to the dyke in the afternoon. This is a juvenile Bald Eagle keeping watch.
Some "smart" lady walked by and said, "Whoa! That eagle doesn't have a white head so it must be a Golden Eagle. Wow."

Needless to say, I let her have her glory and didn't bother to correct her.

American Robin perched nicely for me to frame this shot.

I waited for awhile to see if this heron can catch fishes again. Sadly, nothing was caught.

Spotted Towhee. I hate that branch in the way, but hey, at least it's a natural photo. Better than some photographers using tripods to hold up a branch so that birds will perch onto it and look all nice and well-positioned. Sheesh. Sorry if I offend some people but I just don't like that kind of photography, because soon they will be attempting things like this.

Another Bald Eagle. It had some prey in its claws and was eating it. Sadly, I can't identify what it was.


ambercoakley said...

I totally agree about preferring a truly natural setting, rather than a contrived setting. It burns me up to hear about photographers who chase birds or animals, invade their livings spaces, or damage their habitats. I'll take a big, fat branch right in the way any day, over resorting to deplorable behavior for a good picture.

PSYL said...

I hear ya, Amber! The story behind a photo is much more intriguing than just the snapshot presentation of the moment.

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