Colors, Nature.

Nothing overly exciting was saw today. Although I saw a Northern Harrier today just when I was thinking that I haven't seen them in a long time.

Otherwise, today was mainly an exploration of colors in nature.

Many European Starlings against a gray cloudy sky.

Yellow Forsythia flower.

Yellow Flower
Yellow is my favorite color.

Yellow lichen on a broken branch.

Pretty Hyacinth hidden among thorns and prickles. Took me a while figuring how to take a picture of it. Ouch.

Red bark.

The return of the blue sky. A sigh of relief from me.

PS - Identification of the plants in this post would be greatly appreciated. As some of you may know, I am not a botanist or a gardener. But I'm trying to learn. Thanks.


Tammie Lee said...

Wonderful to see the busy starlings against the busy branches of the tree.

Your purple blue flowers look like some sort of hyacinth to me.

Sometimes red branches add lovely color to a gray winter!

Yellow flowers.... I look forward to flowers!
Wonderful landscape to sum them all up. Wonderful post.

Tarolino said...

Oh what wonderful photographs. Glad you visited my blog and was so understanding too so that I can pay a revisit. It will not be my last either. A bald eagle too and such wonderful shots of it. My overall favourite bird. So majestic.
Are those yellow flowers Forsythia? Very pretty and you have already dandelions. We will have them perhaps in three weeks or so. The blue one is a pearl hyacinth. Or at least that's what we call it :)
A wonderful blog.

PSYL said...

Thank you both for your kind comments.

After checking with images online, the flowers are indeed Forsythia and Hyacinth. Thanks.

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