Indoor due to Rain: Reminisce Taiwan (Part 1)

The weather right now is terrible - raining cats and dogs (origin?) and howling wind terrible. So it's not a bad time to stay indoor, but doing what? Well, for starters, I am reading the "I and the Bird Edition #91". There are many excellent but yet unexplored blogs for me to read and enjoy.

But one thing I really want to is to salvage some of my Flickr pictures from the 200 photos limit. So I guess I'll start with the older pictures from Taiwan this summer (2008). Here are Part 2 and Part 3.

I took the first three photos on August 27, 2008 in Fuyang Eco Park in Taipei City. It is near the edge of the city where forests and wildlife are too not heavily disturbed.

Japalura swinhonis


Formosan Gossamerwing (Euphaea formosa) - endemic but common in Taiwan

On the 28th, I went to Guandu Nature Park, an area with mudflats, marsh, woodland, and mangrove forests. It is qualified as an Important Bird Area (IBA) recognized by BirdLife International, and provides important wintering ground for the endagered Black-faced Spoonbill (Platalea minor). I remember that day being very hot with little sightings. But I did saw this mudskipper. They are quite common in this park but very critical because their nature habitats are being destroyed by aquaculture development in Asia.

Periophthalmus cantonensis

Miss you, Taiwan


Hugh said...

I miss Taiwan too, or places like it. Very nice pictures, and your new banner is great.

The rain will stop. Eventually.

PSYL said...

You too, Hugh? I guess there are always some places from our past that we would like to revisit again. I think it's the rain and gray sky here causing us to feel that way.

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