Relieved from the fog

After being indoors for many days now, today's weather (cloudy, but at least not foggy) allowed me to go out and able to see things.

First stop was Minoru Lake where I saw many American Wigeons and gulls. Interestingly, the dead duck that I saw two months ago was still there. Makes me think if it is even real in the first place. Anyways, I am too lazy to post pictures of the wigeons, so I'll just leave you with these.

A Mew Gull? Gulls are never my strongest area of bird identification.

Now, this I know! A lonely American Coot among wigeons and mallards.

SAD was yesterday, but this fellow sure is cute to make me appreciate them again.

My next stop was Steveston Harbor. Again, nothing too exciting to report.

Gray and peaceful day.

A pair of Red-breasted Merganser was spotted from the dock. This was one of them. Sorry for the poor picture quality.

I also saw four Buffleheads near the mergansers.

They took off after I stared at them for too long.

One of the ten Bald Eagles were observed on Shady Island (a.k.a. Steveston Island).

Although not much was seen today, it felt great to be outdoors again. Hope I can do it again tomorrow.


Cicero Sings said...

Nothing like being able to get outside! Last year in March or so, I took the month long "sit spot" challenge. One was to find a spot to sit outdoors, go there, sit quietly for 20 minutes a day. It is still cold up here in February/March so I bundled up and sat on our deck. It is amazing what comes into view and earshot and mind when one sits still and listens. I missed it when I stopped at the end ... and without the commitment, never got around to keeping it up.

PSYL said...

Great suggestion. I might take up on it, although I do lack the commitment sometimes too.

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