Beautiful day (good) = many people outside (okay) = few animals seen (bad)

What a gorgeous day! Blue sky with almost no clouds. I certainly got a healthy dose of Vitamin D today.

But with the sunny day, many people came out to the dyke to walk (with their dogs), jog, take pictures, gossip, talk loudly on cellphones, complain about life/relationships, so on and so forth. Certainly not the kind of distractions I would want on my walk.

I saw the usual Mallards and Red-winged Blackbirds. And I got some pretty good shots of the Northern Harrier as it flew quite close to the trail (sorry for the small display images, they will get bigger when you click on it). But that's about all.

The people forced me to walk to places with less people, such as behind the blackberry bushes. Definitely no people, but no wildlife either.

I came across the Northern Harrier again when I was walking back home. Nothing like seeing an animal to brighten up my day.

That's all for today. Nothing exciting to report. I guess wishing too hard for something (a beautiful day) will always result in some unforeseeable consequences (too many people). Sigh.

Oh yeah, Happy Chinese New Year! Year of the Ox - too bad I don't have anything from the Bovidae Family to post.

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